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The compendium highlights:

  • theoretical and methodological framework for development of the vocational education and training;
  • methodical principles of professional training of future specialists;
  • foreign and historical aspects of the development of vocational education and training.

The following articles are accepted for publication:

The scientific articles in Ukrainian, as well as in English, German, Polish and Russian, of experimental, general, methodic, methodological character which highlight the results of scientific research (with statistical data processing) and have theoretical and practical significance, are relevant for vocational education and have never been published before. Postgraduate students should also send a review and extract from the protocol of the laboratory's (department’s) meeting about the recommendation of the publication of the article.

The scientific article must contain the necessary structural elements: relevance (problem statement in general form and its connection with important scientific or practical tasks); extent of scientific investigation of the problem (analysis of recent researches and publications, which initiated the solution of this problem; the allocation of previously unsolved parts of the general problem, which the scientific work is devoted to); statement of the problem (the objectives of the article); a summary of the main research material with full justification of the results; conclusions from this study and prospects for further scientific research.

The sent article must be submitted in a completed and edited form according to the requirements of the scientific style.

For the authenticity of facts, quotes, personal names, geographical names, references to literary sources and other information are responsible the authors of the publications.

The editorial opinion may not coincide with the views of the authors. The editor reserves the right to edit and reduce the materials. The editorial policy of the publication and the procedure for reviewing the articles can be found on the website of the journal.

By submitting an article to the editor, the author agrees to publish it.

Reprints and translations are possible with the consent of the publication.

The compendium is in the list of professional scientific editorials of Ukraine (2013) and is included in the UCM Ulrich's Periodicals Directory (2014). Articles are referenced in the Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine, V. О.Sukhomlynsky State Scientific and Pedagogical Library of Ukraine, Kharkiv State Scientific Library of Vladimir Korolenko,  Lviv National Vasyl Stefanyk Scientific Library of Ukraine, the Odessa National Scientific Library named after M. Gorky, the Library of the University of Paderborn (Germany), the Library of the University of Bremen (Germany), the Academic Library of the University of Latvia (Riga, Latvia).


03045, Kyiv, Ukraine

Vito-Litovsky alley, 98-a

Institute of VET of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

tel / fax (044) 259-45-53, 252-71-75


Sequence of article design:

- UDK index (in the left corner of the front page, in capital letters, in bold);

- Title (in the middle, in capital letters, in bold);

- surname, name and patronymic of the author of the article, his scientific degree, title, position, institution (without abbreviations, in the right-hand corner, in italics, in three languages - in Ukrainian, Russian, English); the lack of information on authors' affiliation or incorrect or incomplete information leads to loss of the data in the profiles of author and organizations, the creation of multiple profiles, and the loss of publication data.

- keywords and author's resume (abstract) in Ukrainian, Russian and English (or in another language - for foreign authors); the author's resume (referencing) serves as an independent source of information and should be informative (not contain general words), informative (reflect the main content of the article and research results), compact (230-250 words).

- the text of the article;

- the literature (capital letters, "bold" font, in the middle); the primary sources are submitted in alphabetical order and are designed in accordance with DSTU GOST 7.1: 2006 “System of standards for information, library and publishing. Bibliographic record. Bibliographic description. General requirements and rules of assembly”, numbering is solid; the number of primary sources should not exceed 15. Only the sources referenced in the text of the article are given in the list;

- transliteration (references) of the list of used literature (conversion of Russian and Ukrainian letters into Latin).

Technical requirements

The texts should be submitted in electronic form:

  1. Місrоsoft Word editor (doc, docx);
  2. TIMES NEW Roman font,
  3. font size is 14, for tables is 12;
  4. field: left - 30 mm, all others - 20 mm;
  5. line spacing - 1,5;
  6. paragraph - 1.25 mm;
  7. signs: quotes («»), apostrophe (’), hyphen (-), dash (–);
  8. Insert an indistinguishable interval between the initials and the abbreviated spelling of years and pages (for example: 1999, 24 p.) (Shift + Ctrl + space);

Formulas, tables, drawings, diagrams, graphs created with the help of software packages of mathematical and statistical processing, convert to graphic EPS and TIFF formats.

The total volume of a scientific article is 10-12 pages (with literature and referencing).

References to the primary source should be placed in square brackets where the Arabic numeral indicates the number of the source (quoted work) corresponding to the number in the list of used literature, and the page, for example: [2, p. 147]. Several sources in one link are separated by a semicolon.


Are reported to the authors after the decision to accept the article for publication

The order of acceptance for publication of the article

  1. Send your article via E-mail to the editorial office.
  2. Get the confirmation letter.
  3. Make payment and send other materials.

The articles are included to the compendium according to the decision of the editorial board on the basis of the conclusions of an independent examination. Articles which violate these rules are not reviewed, published or returned to the authors.

Articles are published at the expense of the author. The cost of the publication is 35 UAH per page. You should pay publication fee only after you receive the message about inclusion of your article to the compendium. The purpose of the payment: the publication in the "Scientific Bulletin IPTO".

Materials should be sent by e-mail to the editorial office in three separate files:

-                     an article (Brown_article);

-                     scanned receipt for publication payment (Brown _payment);

-                     telephone numbers, postal and e-mail address or your country delivery service where the author's copy (Brown_information) should be sent.

The end submission date is annually on 25 April and 25 October.

Newsletters are submitted to authors by "Nova Poshta" delivery service in May and November.